Erick Fearson - Others only are yourself reflection


Erick Fearson is a mentalist who has begun an actual human mind exploration. Far away from a traditional path, born in a fortune-tellers and hypnotists family, he has begun famous in France and now entirely lives off his passion.

Bastien Rabastens - Et si on prenait un ver(re)


Bastien Rabastens suggests to redefine our food paradigm by developping insects' consumption. The start'up that this legal expert has created proposes aperitif insects and reintroduces little by little this taboo food for our society. 

Mohamed-Amine Belarbi - The entrepreneur within us


Mohamed-Amine Belarbi shows how, with an entrepreneurial spirit, it is possible to act in many domains from humanitarian to business and from politics to science. 

Simon Baron - Become who you are

Travail Société

Excel and shine in our jobs is the purpose that Simon Baron seems to give to everyone of us and particularly to those who can be frustrated by a job that they love. 

Tarik Chekchak - Biomimicry : could we reconciliate technology and life?

Environnement Sciences

As corporate secretary of the Biomimicry Europa NGO, Cousteau's team Sciences and Environment director and expedition chief on polar boats, Tarik Chekchak is specialised in protecting biodiversity and in its multidisciplinary and integration management on territories.

Emilie Meessen - Infirmiers de rue (Street nurses)


"Who among you has already used a wipe?" This is how Emilie Meessen begins her talk, presenting herself as an apologist for hygiene as a way to rehabilitate homeless people. 

Olivier Grossat - What about printing the future

Informatique Architecture

Olivier Grossat is a computer sciences engineer specialised in 3D printing. This tool redefines our vision of architecture as it will allow us to print houses. 

Camille Courcy - War reporter, a challenge for a passion

Journalisme de Guerre

Camille Courcy, war reporter, moved into civil war places in order to show to the world fights truth, especially in Syria. Despite the danger and her family's reluctance, she achieves her dream by doing reports for several French TV chanels as she is not even 23.

Vincent Cespedes - How long does it take to become young again

Philosophie Littérature Ecriture

Vincent Cespedes is a French philosopher and essay writter. He has resigned his teaching job in order to turn himself entirely to writing. As a real jack of all trades, open to the world, he writes contemporary music and paintings.